To see the biblical mountain Ararat - Noah’s ark’s settlement
To get acquainted with the myths, secrets and legends of the sacred land
To see and know the country and people who first accepted the Christianity
as the state religion (301 A.D.)
To drink and taste Armenian world famous cognac in Brandy factory
Wonderful sightseeing, cultural and historical heritage more than 40 000 historical
monuments scattered on the whole territory (beginning from Paleolithic period)
Armenian khachqars (cross-stones) (beginning from I century A.D.)
Armenian landscape
An open museum under the sky
Armenian handmade carpets and colourful patterned rugs in “Vernisaj” where you can
buy everything you want
To taste ecologically pure Armenian national dishes and tasty fruits of Ararat valley
To know Armenian hospitality
Two religions in one tour (Christian Armenia and Islamic Iran)
Regional tours (Georgia, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Europe, CIS countries, ect.)
HElicopter tours
Excellent business, investment opportunities
In one season you can see the different varieties of climate in one season.
Winter sports, climbing, etc.
Medical tourism, high quality education, change of experience.

Our small Motherland, with its unique history, beautiful nature, cross-stones and ancient churches found its shelter at the foot of Biblical Ararat. You will find wonder everywhere in Armenia. Love and beauty reign over this land. Here, in this marvelous nature, in the world of mountains, forests and sparkling flowers one breathes freely, seized with joy, light warmth and the sun…Waterfalls and canyons, forests and remains of ancient temples, Monasteries and Churches will attract your attention. Enjoy yourselves associating with people of our small Armenia who first adopted Christianity as a state religion.
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Here is mentioned the list of historical monuments which recommended to attend.
Cathedral Echmiadzin (IV c.) Basilica church in Odzun (VI-VII c.)
Monastery Khor Virap (IV c.) Cathedral Marmashen (X c.)
Mesrop Mashtots Church (VI c.) Cathedral Zvartnots (V - X c.)
Temple St. Ripsime (VII c.) Monastery Gegard (X c.)
Monastery Tatev (IX- XIII c) Church Hagarchin (X- XIII c.)
Lori berd (fortress Lori X-XI c.) Monastery Hagpat (X c.)
Noraduz (field of cross-stones IX-XVII c.) Ethnographic museum in Sardarapat (X c.)
Pagan temple devoted to the Sun Garni (I c. BC),,,,,,,